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We condemn in the strongest possible terms, all separatist, subversive, sanguinary acts committed against anybody, anywhere on the World, by any means to assert opinion. We believe that Freemasonry is the honorable art of construction that stands up against inhumane destructions.

Ukraine on 24 February 2022: a failure of diplomacy

The European Masonic Alliance notes with concern the invasion of a member state of the Council of Europe by the armed forces of another member state of the same Council.

The aggression committed against a population and its democratically elected government constitutes, in addition to a clear violation of international law, an unacceptable return to practices which the citizens of Europe thought, since the end of the Second World War, would never again be seen on our territories. It is democracy in all its values that is under attack. It is the negation and destruction of more than sixty years of effort and peace.

Bulletin: 2021 holiday greetings

The year that is coming to an end will have been marked by multiple negative elements. The health crisis has shaken economic structures in all countries of the world. In particular, the EU states have had to face this invisible but very present enemy. Everyone can remember a friend, an acquaintance, a close or distant family member who has suffered from this disease. We all mourn in this pandemic.

At the end of December 2020, a wind of hope is beginning to blow over the populations affected by Covid-19: vaccines have been developed in record time and once again open up more positive prospects for the year 2021, even if the road ahead will still be long.

The European Masonic Alliance takes note of the election, on 18 January 2022, of Mrs. R. Metsola as President of the European Union Parliament, replacing the recently deceased President David Sassoli.

We note that this election is the result of negotiations between parliamentary groups, according to political agreements based on the balance of mandates within the European structures. None of them can claim the necessary majority.  In the absence of direct democratic election by the citizens of the EU.

In order for citizens to have more confidence in EU politics, in order to give more credit to the political word of the EU, direct citizen participation in the institutions must be increased: the Conference on the Future of Europe is a very good example of this.

EMA Declaration - 18 October 2020

Deeply schocked and appalled by the barbaric act of a teacher’s assassination in the name of religious freedom, the EMA:

Recognises Mr. Samuel Paty as a victim of religious obscurantism, promoted by a handful of extremists not representing the majority of the philosophical communities respectful of humanist principles ;