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We condemn in the strongest possible terms, all separatist, subversive, sanguinary acts committed against anybody, anywhere on the World, by any means to assert opinion. We believe that Freemasonry is the honorable art of construction that stands up against inhumane destructions.

All actions aiming destruction of the life or the lebensraum of another, never square with our national and universal adherence, and our conception of Freemasonry that we have sealed with our vows.

We embrace the aim of reaching peace and happiness for all people via coalescing differences such as race, color, religion, language, and sex in a conscience of Fraternity, and we protest all types of war.

These statements are from an international communique proclaimed by Turkish Freemasonry in 1920: “We attest men should not kill men and show reverence to freedom and right of dominion. These are main principals of Freemasonry. We want to emphasize that defending these principals is our duty via considering laws of peace and fraternity under an immaculate conscience of Freemasonry to build up the true and pure fraternity of nations and people.”          

In another international communique from 1922, Turkish Freemasonry announces: “We believe that the civilized World -Freemason or profane- should unite hand in hand for a widespread peace, without falling into the pitch-black of rage and egotism, in order to walk vigorously the road under light of universal peace.”

In order not to have the concepts of Peace, Freedom, Fraternity unfulfilled - concepts that find meaning according to Universal Human Rights Act and the founding statement of CLIPSAS, all Free Turkish Freemasons, men, or women, accept it as a masonic duty to support all attempts to develop conscience of humanity, and embosom respect to people and nature. We have to keep our home and ourselves clean and respect the breath that we share during this short life that we are tenants of.

We hope the wise saying of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, enlightens the road of Humanity as it enlightens ours: “Peace at home, peace in the World!”

Feminine Grand Lodge of Turkey                        Liberal Grand Lodge of Turkey
Grand Master                        Most Worshipful Grand Master
Vicdan Celayir                        M. Sinan Tansuğ